Brian Dagenais

President, Property Manager

As BlackSheep Developments CEO and President, Brian Dagenais’ success has been largely self-made and comes from careful study of markets and opportunities that arise.

At the turn of the century, Brian was looking to transition from an extremely successful track record in finance and was attracted to one of the worst performing markets in the city of Ottawa, a market that had suffered disproportionately from negative stereotypes and neglect.

Brian invested strategically in this market, a market that spent the entire 1990s as one of the 5 worst communities which then spent the next decade as one of the best in the city.

Brian’s portfolio has a market value of approximately $12 million dollars (56 doors).

In conjunction with his real estate portfolio, Brian spent more than two decades in the retail finance industry wearing many different hats, including human resources, auditing, management and budgeting & forecasting.

The last 7 years of employment had him in retail operations helping to oversee a territory that stretched from Newfoundland, through to Quebec and into Ontario with a collection of outlets that varied between 100 and 198 locations with combined annual revenues of between $80M and $140M.