BlackSheep Developments Releases Design for +20 Million Dollar Ottawa Sports Complex to Host International Events

For Immediate Release - The design of a major real estate development coming to Ottawa was unveiled Wednesday by boutique real estate firm BlackSheep Developments and an architect from the world-renowned Douglas Cardinal Architect Inc.

The team members leading the development are no strangers to dreaming big and will be building one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the world, providing more than 400 jobs in the process. 

“We are thrilled to have the talented mind of Douglas Cardinal behind this project,” said BlackSheep President Brian Dagenais. “We’re committed to creating an ecofriendly building designed for talented athletes and local families. It will be the first of its kind in Ottawa and we can’t wait to make this vision a reality.”

The BlackSheep team is led by a talented group with extensive experience in business, law and development. Joining Dagenais is lawyer Anne-Marie Magneron, energy consultant Stephen Magneron, and real estate investors Bruce Firestone, Christine Aubin Liu and Alf Bhanji.

Together, with Cardinal, the BlackSheep team is creating a facility unlike any other with a focus on health and athletics. Phase Two of the development will see several other buildings including a retirement facility.

Fortitude will be a leading development in sustainable green building by using Passive House principles and striving for net zero energy. The design principles ensure builders achieve exceptional energy efficiency and attain maximum thermal comfort making the building comfortable, affordable and environmental friendly.

“The passive house design isn’t just a fad. It’s an important and crucial model that will ensure our facility is both environmentally conscious but also enjoyable for our tenants and guests,” said BlackSheep’s Bruce Firestone.  “We are thrilled to bring such an innovative design to Ottawa and want to continue building across the country with the same ethics in mind.”

Prior to building, BlackSheep is partnering with Carleton University students to monitor a current gymnastics facility and collect data in order to evaluate the energy usage, comfort and indoor air quality. The information will then be used to make recommendations for the new facility.

The 14-acre complex is coming to the east end of Ottawa with shovels in the ground by 2019. BlackSheep Developments is currently working to attain all necessary approvals from the City of Ottawa to grow the village to almost 40 acres.

 “We set out to create a truly world-class venue with some of the very best tenants and clients in the city and country. From the very beginning, we wanted our property to be a showpiece, a drawing card by itself; something that would respect the high standards for the millennial generation and equally, something that was considered a destination property,” said BlackSheep’s Anne-Marie Magneron.

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