The centerpiece building, Fortitude, was designed by award-winning architect Douglas Cardinal who crafted the Canadian Museum of History. There is truly nothing else like this building.

The health of all generations is at the forefront of the building’s conception.

We are aiming to reach the Passive House standard and ultimately Net Zero Energy. This will mean an enclosure that is well insulated and air tight with appropriate ventilation systems with heat and enthalpy recovery. Triple glazed windows will be a must, from both an energy reduction and comfort point of view. The proportion of window to wall area will be analysed through energy modeling, which will be supplied by Homesol Building Solutions Inc.

Ideally we will be constructing using mass timber/cross laminated timber (CLT).

The building will be fossil fuel free with all the heating, cooling and hot water provided by efficient heat pumps (ground or air sourced). An alternative system that we are considering is an innovative ice conditioning system in which the waste heat is used for space and water heating in the building. Additional waste heat could be used to heat the sidewalks. This system also provides cooling and dehumidification.

By partnering with an established charity or creating our own, the community will, also, benefit directly from the success of the building and its businesses/tenants to help others in the community.



100,000 Square Feet
Net Zero Building
Ample Parking
Over 1 Million Visitors

Key Features

Near Orléans Health Hub by Montfort Hospital
Easy access to rapid transit near the front door


Athletic Facilities
Food Services
Instructional Classes
Health & Well-being Services




Achieve your goals
& create new ones.