Who We Are

Ottawa’s BlackSheep Developments is one of the most innovative real estate companies in the world, focused on multi-use, multi-generational and environmentally sustainable healthy living in a village setting. It will bring almost 3000 jobs to the region with an estimated investment of more than $100 million dollars and see more than 1.3 million visitors a year.

Designing and building to a more rigorous energy efficiency level, that aims to achieve Net Zero Energy, the centerpiece facility Fortitude and the “Blue Sea Village Mer Bleue” will significantly reduce the community’s carbon footprint.


Who You Are

BlackSheep Developments tenants are those who have expertise related to physical activity, health and well-being. The anchor tenants would include an internationally-ranked gymnastics centre with thousands of existing families, a dance studio, an obstacle course facility, a tennis academy, a multi-sport centre and various other athletic organizations.

Our retail tenants will be chosen based on their compatibility with the over-arching theme of physical activity, health and education.

Food services would include specialists in such things as smoothie/juice production, ready-made healthy take-away meals, a health food restaurant and supplementary retailers, like athletic apparel.

Health care professionals, including a physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist/dietician, naturopath and massage therapist, would serve the 1.3 million athletes and families who will be frequenting the building yearly, in addition to being destinations themselves. Outdoor space will be fully utilized.

For those wishing to stay within our village, Blue Sea Village Mer Bleue offers a variety of accommodations for stays as short as an evening or a simple weekend away. If visitors are looking for a longer stay we can easily accommodate you. It is perfect for those who wish to reside close to the sports facilities, wonderful shops, boutiques and facilities that our village has to offer.

We are planning to include accommodations that feature stylish and fully furnished suites. They will be perfect for those individuals looking for peace of mind living and convenience. We are also planning to have more traditional accommodations for inspiring people looking for inspired living.

Whether you’re a guest, an employee or just someone wanting to experience Blue Sea Village Mer Bleue first hand, we have something for you.


Together We Can

We are looking for synergy: Combining enterprises with similar target markets will have the effect of creating a destination rather than multiple isolated drop off points.

Our centerpiece building, Fortitude, will be a place at the heart of the community where multiple generations can become engaged.  Increasing visibility for athletic clubs, that traditionally have very little, will serve to expand membership, contributing exponentially to the synergistic effect of the building’s concept.

We believe that with a focus on everyone from the very young to seniors, we can build a community where residents will feel at home, and others will want to visit. We know that people of all ages benefit from exposure to each other. We want to demonstrate to the world that it can be successful, that we can all live better.

We intend to support our tenants through a sponsorship and advertising program that will capitalize on the volumes of people that will be visiting the building. This will be in the form of advertising, both interior and exterior, sponsorship agreements, naming rights, income from solar panels and the organization of special events like festivals, rallies and sporting exhibitions/competitions.